Office365 Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard is now available for Office 365 Education customers on Desktop, iOS and web preview.  Whiteboard offers a 'freeform digital canvas where ideas, content, and people come together' - Microsoft. A bit like Google JamBoard, Whiteboard is designed to complement an interactive smart board (Surface Hub 2) but can be used without the expensive … Continue reading Office365 Whiteboard

Create your next worksheet online using

Use to create your next online worksheet. “Wizer is dedicated to building easy, fun tools that amplify the energy and creativity that all teachers bring to their classrooms.” - Sign up for a free account at Once you have created an account you can explore the community worksheets, that others have shared, … Continue reading Create your next worksheet online using

Try Coggle for Collaborative mind mapping

For collaborative mind maps check out Coggle at Whether you're taking notes, brainstorming, planning, or doing something awesomely creative, it is super simple to visualise your ideas with Coggle. Share with as many friends or colleagues as you like. Changes you make will show up instantly in their browser, wherever they are in the world. … Continue reading Try Coggle for Collaborative mind mapping