Microsoft has recently added file upload to their ever-developing Quiz and Survey tool, Microsoft Forms.

When creating your Form or Quiz, there is now a question type titled ‘File upload’. This gives the end-user the opportunity to upload a file type of your choosing.

Once the Form has been submitted any uploaded files are stored in the Authors OneDrive, in an ‘Apps’ folder.

This could be used to collect consent forms, medical records, trip forms or for assignment submission.

How to do this

Sign in to your Office 365 account via

Navigate to Microsoft Forms and create a New Form.

Click Add New Question and select the File Upload option via the dropdown.

When creating a new file upload question, this creates a new folder in your OneDrive, titled ‘Apps’ with a subfolder titled ‘Forms’. Any responses collected will be stored there.

You can now create the question and set the parameters around the uploading of the expected file.

You can give the file a title, set a file number/size upload limit. Also, if you click thein the bottom right-hand corner of the box you can limit the file type and give the Question a subtitle.

Adding a subtitle is a great way to set out your expectations, or provide a link to the template you expect recipients to complete, e.g. Assignment brief.

Add any further questions you wish to add, then share the completion link with your intended recipients.

As completed forms are submitted, you can view question responses in Forms and any files uploaded will be stored in the OneDrive folder you created earlier.

For more help with Microsoft Forms, check out the Microsoft Support page, or take the Microsoft Forms course on the Microsoft Educator Center.