Rather than sending a copy of your work to others, try sharing it.

When working with colleagues to produce a document, utilise the share feature to allow live collaboration. This feature is available in both G Suite and Office365.

Here is a fun example of collaborative working from Google G Suite:

Sharing is available across the G Suite and Office 365 product range, with the share button usually found on the top right of the ribbon.

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 21.57.11

Specify who needs access, this could be anyone with the link or specific individuals. You can also determine if they are able to edit the file or simply view.

Once shared, those specified will receive an email notification (if shared via email) and link to your file. Clicking on that link will give them instant and live access to the file.

If you happen to be in the document at the same time as others, you can watch them type and interact with the document live. Each individual person is given a coloured marker so they can be distinguished, however, this does not affect the document created.

You could use this to:

  • Design a scheme of work or lesson plan collaboratively.
  • View students live progress on a piece of work in a workshop and give instant feedback.
  • Produce a report with the support of colleagues.