Microsoft Whiteboard is now available for Office 365 Education customers on Desktop, iOS and web preview. 


Whiteboard offers a ‘freeform digital canvas where ideas, content, and people come together’ – Microsoft.

A bit like Google JamBoard, Whiteboard is designed to complement an interactive smart board (Surface Hub 2) but can be used without the expensive screen on your day to day devices.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 21.56.52
Screenshot of Whiteboard

Start off by creating a new Whiteboard on one of your devices, then invite others to collaborate. Whiteboard shows real-time collaboration across users and devices.

Although currently limited to just drawing annotations in the web preview, the iOS app and desktop versions offer, Draw, Image upload, Post-it note and access to the device’s camera.

If you are currently using third-party collaboration tools, like Padlet, Whiteboard offers an opportunity to use another Microsoft tool, reducing the number of separate accounts you hold. However, currently, Whiteboard has some way to go before matching the functions/options Padlet gives.