Create realistic looking text message conversations to use as scenarios with your students.

Go to and begin to update some of the message visuals to fit your location, e.g. connection details and settings.

Here is a walkthrough guide to creating your message: iFake text message Tutorial.


Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 09.02.52
Screenshot of iFake Text set up


In the text message conversation build a dialogue between two people or provide a message that students will respond to on the printed out worksheet.

Once you have set up the text message conversation and visuals, click CREATE IMAGE to finalise and download your creation. This image can then be added to a word or Powerpoint document for printing or added into a OneNote page for digital inking.

Create varied conversations or questions which allow you to differentiate and stretch your students understanding of a topic. e.g.

Screenshot example of a text message generated