Check out the FREE Google Applied Digital Skills, computer literacy course. 

The Google applied digital skills website offers free lesson plans and digital skills training videos, specifically designed to prepare our students for an evolving job market.

Ensure you have a Gmail/Google account to make the most of the content on this website.

There is a range of lessons and resources to choose from, pitched at the audience you will be delivering to (e.g. high school/College).

You can create ‘classes’, where you can group learners, this is great if you are a teacher or teacher trainer delivering CPD.

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Pick a curriculum activity, e.g. “Technologies role in current events” – a 3-4 hour activity where students research a topic and create a deliverable to communicate findings.

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There are then a series of mini-activities, driven by video content, which is then reflected on using a Google Form. The site even generates a lesson plan to accompany the delivery.

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Track your students progress using the dashboard.