Google launched Expeditions back in 2016, primarily designed to work with Google Cardboard. The premise being that teachers could act as a Guide and take the students (explorers) on a virtual field trip, whilst remaining in the comfort of the classroom (read more here).

Some schools and colleges struggled to get Expeditions working on their network as often school and college networks block Peer to Peer connections. This meant that students were often stuck with the demo, or had to choose to be a guide themselves and work individually.

Google Software Engineer Jiabei Lei also pointed out that “students, teachers, and others have been requesting Expeditions for outside of the classroom.”

In July 2017 Google released an update (Android) to Expeditions allowing users to Explore on their own, with the Apple update released in October 2017.


Screenshot of Google Expeditions


“Students can now go on tours at home and share the experience with their family. Teachers can assign tours as homework to complement in-class work. And of course, anybody who loves to learn and explore can experience all the tours for themselves.”

– Jiabei Lei (Google)

Open the expeditions app, turn your phone landscape and begin exploring, you don’t even have to have a headset (read more here).