Our young people are more active on the internet now and therefore leaving more digital footprints, often without guidance on the future implications. Future employers will Google search their name and look through social media to get a measure of the applicant. Therefore, the management of their digital presence needs some support and it is part of our job as educators to guide and advise them on this.

LinkedIn offers a great way to help your students build a professional presence online as well as tapping into the other benefits of LinkedIn, such as; resources, article posts and access to industry professionals. LinkedIn is also due to release a mentoring feature in forthcoming months, by upgrading its dashboard feature.

LinkedIn is the largest professional network with over 467 million users, of which over 100 million log-in and engage each month.

Account set up

Students should be directed to https://students.linkedin.com/uk to set up their account. They can also download the LinkedIn app for their smart phone, via:
android-play-store  apple-app-store[1]


Students should use a suitable email address to create their account, <theirname@gmail.com>.

Students can then add their contact details, their education history and their experience.

LinkedIn offers some guidance for how to make a winning profile page:

Students can update LinkedIn throughout the academic year with their projects, create articles and converse with industry professionals. Peers can provide skill endorsements to one another and students can request recommendations from teachers, work experience and current employers.

There is also a student-specific app, which allows students sign up either by using their existing account or by entering their school/college/uni, subject and course completion date.

“The app’s design resembles swiping through a deck of cards. The first card shows users a role they might like with accompanying information such as a job description, skills needed for the role, its median salary, related job openings and similar positions a student might find interesting. Cards then show recommended companies and alumni students should consider contacting, typically professionals who have graduated within the last five years.” – Forbes

The LinkedIn Student app aims to help young people get a start in a competitive job market, in the lead up to leaving school/college or graduating. The app is free to download via: