Access the JISC ‘Digital Capability Discovery Tool’ to gain a greater understanding of your digital capabilities.

“Digital capabilities are the capabilities which fit someone for living, learning and working in a digital society. We have identified six elements of digital capability, which are described in our digital capabilities framework” – JISC

The discovery tool can be accessed via 

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Currently in Public Beta, the discovery tool is designed to support staff working in colleges and other education providers to reflect on their digital capabilities.
Presented in the format of an Agree-Disagree rating survey, you work through 13 sections of reflective questions that relate to the different elements of capability that JISC has defined.
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The questions asked are framed around real-world digital practices, from personal and professional settings.
The discovery tool should take around 10 minutes to complete and once answers have been submitted you receive an interactive visual profile of your digital capabilities.
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Below the graphic is a breakdown of each different element of capability that JISC has defined, along with a statement of proficiency.
The results also suggest next steps for your development of digital capability and this is followed up with advice on the kinds of activities they might undertake to further develop your practice.
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You can choose to either have your results emailed to you and/or download your results as a PDF.
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This is a great way to bench mark perceived digital capability and could be a great tool to use in new staff inductions or start of year activities.

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