Video has become a huge part of Teaching, Learning and Assessment in education, so teachers are looking for the most versatile device/s to capture high-quality footage and still images.

You only have to open Youtube or scroll through your Twitter feed to see some examples of how video is revolutionising the way we teach and assess our students. Teachers are producing video assignment briefs that they live cast to their students on Periscope (@BCoTMedia) or Facebook live and students are contributing to HOW2 videos on YouTube to showcase their skill set and assist others (@CburyColHosp) both in and outside of education.

With a crowded Camera market and a vast majority of teachers owning a mobile phone that is capable of filming in at least 720p HD, the device they purchase must offer value for money as well as a range of features to suit the various teaching environments.


The GoPro concept was conceived in 2002 when Founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman looked to solve a problem; how to get high-quality action sports footage.

After a couple of years development, the GoPro 35mm HERO was introduced in September 2004 at San Diego’s Action Sports Retailer trade show. After years of company growth, GoPro released its Hero 3+ edition in 2014, offering high-quality video and still photo capability. 2015 saw GoPro release its first fully waterproof camera, the Hero4 session.

“GoPro makes the world’s most versatile cameras” – GoPro

GoPro now lines up with the Hero5 Black (£399.99), Hero5 Session (£299.99), and the Hero Session (£149.99).

“GoPro helps people capture and share their lives’ most meaningful experiences with others—to celebrate them together. Like how a day on the mountain with friends is more meaningful than one spent alone, the sharing of our collective experiences makes our lives more fun.” – Nicholas Woodman (GoPro Founder &  CEO).

The GoPro Hero5 Black (£399.99) is a great addition to the teacher’s toolkit; 4K Video and 12MP Camera, this camera also comes with voice control, waterproof housing and touch screen display. The GoPro Hero Session (£149.99) is a vastly cheaper entry level camera which offers an 8MP Camera and 1440 pixel Video, waterproof housing and the simplicity of one button control.

The GoPro Camera is simple to set up:

There are two GoPro apps that support the capture and editing of footage;

GoPro (formally Capture) – Control the GoPro and access/share your footage and images.

android-play-store apple-app-store[1]

GoPro Quik – Create videos with your GoPro footage and images.

android-play-store apple-app-store[1]

GoPro Accessories

To aid footage capture, there are a number of accessories that offer video capture from different perspectives, e.g. Wrist, Head and Chest mounts. These accessories are particularly great for use in Practical sessions, e.g. Filming a Sports coaching session from the coaches chest/ Filming a science experiment from the perspective of the student completing it.

GoPro has also introduced the Karma Drone which allows image and footage captured from a whole new perspective.