“Labster is a company dedicated to developing fully interactive advanced lab simulations based on mathematical algorithms that support open-ended investigations. We combine these with gamification elements such as an immersive 3D universe, storytelling and a scoring system which stimulates students’ natural curiosity and highlights the connection between science and the real world”. – Labster


Screen shot from Labster

Check out the courses Labster has to offer at https://www.labster.com/. Sign up and get free access to Labster’s ‘laboratory safety’ virtual laboratory (https://www.labster.com/try/) and try one of more than 50 different virtual learning simulations. Alternatively, sign up for a premium account at $21 per month (university) for all simulations or $10.50 per month (high school) for high school related simulations.

Check out this TED Talk on how the virtual lab will revolutionise the science class;