Apple is the latest company to release a Snapchat style video app, called Clips.

Clips, a new app from Apple that makes it easy to create expressive videos on iPhone and iPad, is now available as a free download on the App Store. The app provides an all-new way to produce quick, engaging videos to share with friends or family through the Messages app, or on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. Clips’ simple, single-screen interface lets users make polished, multi-clip videos in minutes without video editing timelines, tracks or complicated tools to learn” – Apple Newsroom

Download clips, for free, from the Apple app store;


A bit like Vine, Clips opens up in camera, then you can hold to record or pull images and videos from your library. You can then layer content with filters, effects, music, text and emojis. Clips offers a fun alternative to iMovie, with simple editing features and additional control over your content. Just be aware that all videos created are square! Live titles are a great feature within Clips, if you talk over your live recorded video, Clips turns your voice audio into text captions that line up with your video, essentially creating subtitles; you can then edit out your audio if not required, leaving the subtitles.

Once you have completed your video, Clips is destination neutral app, which allows you to share on multiple platforms.


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“Clips recognises who’s in your videos and makes smart suggestions for sharing. Just tap a name to send your video using Messages” – Apple

Here is CNET’s how to video for clips;

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