Download the ‘Learning Tools’ plugin for Microsoft OneNote.

“The Learning Tools for OneNote add-in will help everyone improve their reading and writing skills, including gifted learners, students with learning differences or a combination of any of the broad range of unique student abilities.” –

Winner of the 2015 Microsoft Hackathon, Learning Tools for OneNote is a toolbar add-in that offers immersive reading support and dictation facilities, which improves reading and writing experiences for all students—including students with learning differences like dyslexia.

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Learning tools has the following features;

Immersive Reader

  • Grammar and reading aids (NounsVerbs, Adjectives, Comprehension & Syl-la-bles)

Viewing options

  • Text Size, Spacing, Font and Colour Schemes


  • Dictate allows you to talk directly to the device to input text into OneNote.



Check out the Microsoft guide to learning tools here.