Use to create your next online worksheet.

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Sign up for a free account at

Once you have created an account you can explore the community worksheets, that others have shared, or create your own worksheet from scratch.


Click on ‘start now’ to create your first worksheet.

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Start off by adding the grade (American) or level you are teaching, then give the worksheet a title. You can add tags to the worksheet so that other teachers can find your work, if you choose to share it.

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Select an appropriate design for the worksheet using the toolbar on the right hand-side.

Begin to create your tasks using the options available:

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Check out this tutorial video from Wizer: How to make a Wizer worksheet.

Once you are happy your worksheet is complete, you need to assign it to your students. Firstly, name the group or class the worksheet is for, then share it with the students via; Google Classroom, Edmodo, or a unique URL. You could also set a pin code for access or embed the worksheet on your VLE or website. If you plan to use the unique URL, email the students the link for them to access from home. Students will need to sign up for an account to access the worksheet, this is limited to a Microsoft or Google login.

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Check out this video from Wizer: How to assign a Wizer worksheet to students and assess responses.


Once students begin to complete the worksheets they can submit them for marking.

You can check student responses via the ‘my worksheets’ tab. Choose the worksheet you would like to mark, and select the 3.Answers tab. You can see when each student submitted the worksheet and how long they spent working on it.