Check out Doodle at

“Doodle radically simplifies the process of scheduling events, whether they’re board or team meetings, dinners with friends, reunions, weekend trips, or anything else.

This smart assistant saves time for millions of people worldwide, and in the end, it brings people together.

Doodle is free and doesn’t require registration by either the initiator or the participants of a meeting poll.” – Doodle

Sign up for a free account at and download the app for your smart phone:

android-play-store     apple-app-store[1]

Set up an event and provide the session information:


Propose the date, or possible dates and offer times on those dates.

If you meet with students individually 1/2 termly or monthly, you could provide all the possible dates and allow students to pick the sessions they would like to attend and at what time.



Adjust the settings to ensure that you don’t get double booked, allowing one participant per session:

Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 10.48.32.png

Next, invite your students to the possible sessions via their email address and add a personal message. You can specify that only those emailed can participate, if required.


Preview the email before it is sent out:


Monitor student responses via the doodle dashboard, under ‘polls initiated’.


Finally, connect your Doodle account to your Calendar, so you don’t have to switch between Doodle and your Calendar, avoiding any conflicts.

Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 10.39.46.png