The Learning Wheel, created by Deborah Kellsey (@DebKellsey)

Learning Wheels can be found at

Learning wheels come in both resource and contextualised forms (subject specific), with the information contained within the wheel being crowd-sourced, where contributors offer learning examples, for other teacher to use.

Inspired by Sharpe, R., Enfield, G. and Francis, R. (2006) a Learning Wheel uses the four ‘modes of engagement’ – Learning Content, Assessment, Communication and Collaboration, to provide its key topics.

The example contributions then form the wheel and are situated based on there mode of engagement.

Here is a Prezi Introduction to the Learning wheel.

Here is an example image of a Learning wheel, to view the full image/resource go to


“Learning Wheels are a simple graphic device to help bridge the gap between traditional teaching methods and contemporary digital learning content and resources. They guide staff through digital technologies by linking platforms, apps and web content to learning delivery.

The wheels help staff to gain knowledge and competency, from building confidence and understanding around digital technologies through to the application of technologies within their own curriculum areas.”

– Learning Futures