Design your new logo with Canva

Check out Canva at 

Canva has multiple, great looking, design options, including;

  • Presentation
  • Poster
  • Flyer
  • Certificate … to name a few.

…and the recently added Logo design template is a great new addition.


Screen shot from

Using Canva’s pre made layouts you could build upon a exemplar logo that has already been created, e.g.


Screen shots from


Use the ‘Layouts’ to pick a suitable template, then use the ‘elements’ to add a graphic to the logo, if you already have a company image then upload it, via the ‘uploads’ tab. Add the company name and a tag line via the ‘text’ tab.

Begin to personalise the design with size and colour changes.


Alternatively you could start fresh using a blank page and design completely from scratch.

Using the Team membership aspect of Canva, share your new design with colleagues, before going live.