Try Layar to bring your posters to life.

Create Augmented Reality posters at “Layar is a leader in Augmented Reality and interactive print technology.”

You can sign up for free however to publish a basic page would cost £2.50 for 30 days.
Upload a pre created image or poster and then Layar the file with ‘buttons’ or media. This will mean that when a user scans your poster, with the Layar app, the poster comes to life with buttons the user can click on, or videos they can watch.
This is used well by film companies; you scan the movie poster using the Layar app and the trailer plays automatically on your device.

Download the Layar app from the iOS or Google app stores.

apple-app-store[1] android-play-store

Try scanning this image with the Layar app.

cisco-15b0[1](Image from Layar)