Sport Lecturer Emmaliene uses Class Dojo with her Level 2 learners.

Website address

How did you hear about this app/website?

  • Colleague

What does the app/website do?

  • The app is used as a behavior management/reward system that enables students to visualise their behavior as it occurs. It also provides parents and colleagues with a visual aid of documented behaviors.

What is good about it?

  • Students respond well after they have created their own Dojo. They also thrive within a competitive environment which is offered when rewarded with positive or negative behavior points.

How could it be improved?

  • It could include celebrities or adaptations to Class Dojo’s that the older student can relate to. IT could also send out automated emails of student behavior at the end of each week to parents.

What is the impact on your teaching?

  • Class Dojo allows me to monitor student progress live. It offers the chance to simply note down when a student has completed extended learning skills and curricular activity. Without it simple skills like this would often go unnoticed. The app has enabled my teaching to become more personal, for example, when choosing the behaviors by including the students in this process they take ownership of their behaviour.