Secondary School Teacher Tom uses Plickers with his GCSE PE students.


How did you hear about this app?
– After discussing the use of ICT in PE and how to engage students with limited accessibility and resources with a friend, I was introduced to plickers. An incredible app that requires limited technology but is mind blowing when it works.

What does the app do?
– Plickers allows you to assess students quickly and efficiently whilst being able to record, track and monitor progress. It uses a simple ‘paper clicker’ which is allocated to each student. A multiple choice question is asked with students being able to respond to the question using their plicker. Depending on the way in which the student holds it up, the iPhone will scan and record their answer onto a database using just one device from the front of the room.

What is good about it?
– The beauty about plickers is the individuality of it. All students have different shaped cards which makes it really difficult for students to copy each others answers. It is so quick and easy to use, even the technophobes will be able to work it out!

How could it be improved?
– I genuinely don’t think it could. Its awesome!

What is the impact on your teaching?
– Makes competition and assessment in lessons easy. The students do not have to worry about writing and it provides instant feedback for progress checks or plenaries. It engages students immediately and saves time in marking work and ultimately that is what we want!!!

Download the plickers cards and the mobile app on iOS or Google and try it in your next class.


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