Computing lecturer Alison uses Class Dojo with her learners.

Website address

How did you hear about this app/website?
– From other teachers who have used it here in college, also at several different conferences I have been to over the past year where different teachers have Commented on its use, also from social media both Facebook and twitter where it has been commented about or shared across groups.

What does the app/website do?
– It allows you to create a class group using avatars for each student and reward them if they achieve / do something well or use a de-merit systems if they don’t achieve quite so well. It can be used to recognise anything the students do, it allows them to be able to see their progress and reflect on what they have done. It looks at their strengths and they can then be recognised for the good things they have done.

What is good about it?
– It is very easy to use and only takes a few minutes to set up. It is an easy way to track students in the classroom they can also follow quickly and easily. It’s a Little bit silly and the students like this, the avatars don’t necessarily reflect who they are or the type of person they are.

How could it be improved?
– I’m not sure if I would want to make any improvements as yet, the fact that it is simple to set-up and use brightly coloured makes it fun, possible different avatars if anything – perhaps students could design their own, perhaps the avatar could reflect the way the student is feeling in that class.

What is the impact on your teaching?
– Not a huge impact, but it does brighten up the classroom, it can make the students that bit more competitive, it adds the fun element.