Sway is a Microsoft web based app designed for “expressing your ideas in an entirely new way, across all your devices” – Sway.


Microsoft’s newest presentation tool is still in its early stages so has limited navigation at present (up and down, left to right). However, new designs have been added recently, changing the colour schemes and styles of the presentations available.

You add content in the form of cards which have limited flexibility at present, however you can still create some visually stunning presentations. Sway is a refreshing change to using Powerpoint or Prezi. Check it out at www.Sway.com

Sway recently announced that users can now collaborate on presentations. Simply add authors and share the Sway URL so they can begin work with you. This could be used in the classroom with a group of learners working collaboratively on a presentation, on their own devices. Using the embed feature card, the teacher could embed all of the students work onto one Sway presentation, for the class to take away and complete their assignments or revision.